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New SENFC Partners


New SENFC Members

Ross Burke – Skal Orlando

Tara Dodson – Eco Collections Marketplace        

Richard Scinta – Wyndham 

John Stine – Central Florida Hospitality Advisors

Steve Vinciguerra – Sea World


New SENFC Corporate Member

Francis W. Purvey

Sunlark Associates

Message from the SENFC 2020/21 President

We look around today, still in a pandemic crisis months after our initial perception of the depth of COVID-19’s impact, and contemplate what we can expect in the long term policies and procedure changes in hotels, event venues, airplanes and our daily lives.  Meanwhile many of our friends and associates are unemployed and meeting financial obligations are distressing.  Meeting Planners keep the faith even as they reschedule conferences, meetings and trade shows for the third time.  Looking on the brighter side are all the great people of the world who have risen to the occasion, either by financial contributions to newly established funds for the unemployed, or by working food pantries and food distribution centers or any of the other charitable causes supporting those in need.

And the SENFC Board has not been idle, even as food rescue opportunities are minimized and plastic pervades our world in the name of health and safety.  As a result, we are urgently working on future educational programming aimed at improving sustainability in the area of food and beverage. We are developing educational tools to help individuals create sustainable events going forward – even wedding planners.  The same is true to highlight recycling and repurposing and use of compostable materials even in one’s personal life.  Yes, we are all in this together but we will not forget our mission “To lead the meetings and events industry in the advancement of sustainable practices in Florida and the Caribbean.

Meet Sue Flak

Chief Recycling Enthusiast for SENFC

Sue Flak is the Recycling Coordinator and Marketing Director for Indian River County. She is responsible for implementing and managing the Solid Waste Disposal District's recycling and waste diversion program. Sue works to increase public awareness and implement recycling programs that increase incoming residential and commercial recyclable materials to help Indian River County reach or surpass the State of Florida recycling requirements.  Sue has a passion for education as a former teacher of 23 years and the environmental science coach for Indian River County. Her dedication to the environment drives her commitment for recycling as well as addressing environmental issues like banding endangered scrub jays and relocating gopher tortoises. On most days you can find her at the Main County Landfill. If you’re lucky, she will take you to the top of the hill!

Sue brings years of Sustainability & Recycling experience for the benefit of our membership.

SENFC Presents 2 Virtual Workshops

Creating Sustainable Festivals

September 2020 (Date TBA)


Steven Pollock, CMP, Founding Past President of SENFC and Manager, Global Accounts at HelmsBriscoe


Dr. Dan Cormany, Assistant Professor, FIU, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Vivian Belzaguy, Founder of Ascendance Sustainable Events and former Director of Sustainability for Ultra Music Festivals

Recycling Done Easily and Correctly

November 2020 (Date TBA)


Sue Flak, SENFC Board Member and Indian River County Recycling Education and Marketing Coordinator



Sophisticated Sustainability

Reprinted from the Corporate & Incentive Travel August 2020 issue

Traditionally, the phrase “sustainable events” has been synonymous with green or eco-friendly gatherings. But many people have long championed a broader definition of sustainability — one that takes issues such as social justice, equity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility, into account. Given the current emphasis on social issues, it’s impossible not to think about a more comprehensive definition of the term. Read more...

Tourism Continues Action on Plastic Pollution

As seen in

MADRID—A new set of recommendations published outline how the global tourism sector can continue in its fight against plastic pollution while effectively facing the public health and hygiene challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ongoing pandemic has hit the tourism sector hard, putting more than 100 million jobs at risk. Now, as countries begin to recover and tourism restarts in a growing number of destinations, the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, led by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, has provided a plan of action for both public and private sector stakeholders to address the root causes of plastic pollution in these challenging times. Read More...

Did you know?  

Our oceans contain an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic – an amount greater than the number of stars in the Milky Way.

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