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New SENFC Partner


New SENFC Corporate Member


New SENFC Members

April Ayala - Entercom Government Division

Kelly Bobb - Entercom Government Division

Susan Bungay – Entercom Government Division

Helga Fellows – GYO Greens

Don Soubolsky – Lollipop Signs

  • Florida Food Waste Prevention Week

    April 5-9, 2021.

    This unprecedented public private partnership represents a commitment to the mission of raising public awareness and inspiring a call to action to reduce food waste, protect the environment, reduce hunger and save money. SENFC is actively involved.

    Consider these benefits from better utilizing food resources:

    • Food Security - Up to 3 million tons of food is wasted annually in Florida, while  1 in 7 Floridians lack consistent access to nutritious food. 
    • Money  - A family of four can save on average $1500 annually.   
    • Conservation - Florida can safeguard critical natural resources of land, water, and energy used in growing food. Reducing food waste has been identified as the #1 personal action to reduce carbon emissions.
  • How can my organization become a partner – or me personally become engaged?

    • Visit to register
    • Select a point person from your organization
    • Attend an introductory webinar on January 26th at 10am or February 4, 2021 at 2pm to walk partners through details of the communication guide and how to prepare for Florida Food Waste Prevention Week

    For more information email:

    Joanna Berens, SENFC Vice President & Chief Zero Food Waste Enthusiast OR

    Become part of the solution today

    Get involved on an enthusiasts committee.  Contact us.

    SENFC is Proud to Endorse and Participate in the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Pledges for Cleanliness, Health and Safety

    SENFC Presents Another Virtual Workshop 

    "If you don't like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less."
    (Eric Shinseki)

    Creating Sustainable Trade Shows

    January 21,2021 - 4pm


    Steven Pollock, CMP, Founding Past President of SENFC and Manager, Global Accounts at HelmsBriscoe


    Dr. Dan Cormany, Assistant Professor, FIU, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Al Mercuro, Senior Account Director, Genesis Exhibits

    Sherida SessaBrand Director, Greenbuild International Conference + Expo [Informa]

    Mike Pietraszek, CEM, Senior Director, Sustainability Services, Freeman Company



    The Caribbean’s most eco-certified hotel is now setting the world standard as Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba is the first-ever hotel in the world to win the prestigious United Nations 2020 Climate Action Award for Climate Neutral Now, signaling that world hospitality plays a significant role in combatting climate change.  Watch the virtual Awards Ceremony and learn more about all the impressive and innovative global award winners.  

    Sustainability Is Becoming a Necessity

    As seen in Successful Meetings (Photo Credit: ipopba for Adobe Stock)

    The push for sustainability in the events industry has been gaining momentum in recent years. But 2021 could be a watershed year, where planners move beyond simple measures to embrace the circular economy, where nearly all event materials are reused, repurposed or recycled. 

    "The events sector generates an immeasurable volume of waste that goes far beyond the bottles, cups and straws that are used," says Guy Bigwood, managing director of the Global Destination Sustainability Movement, in a new report published by the IMEX Group. "It includes carpets, pop-ups, banners, fabrics, flooring, graphics, furniture, displays, merchandising giveaways, stands, booths, food, clothing, etc... This needs to change."

    According to the report, 92 percent of event professionals said it is important that sustainability is integrated into the industry's recovery. While only 12 percent said their organizations have an advanced sustainability strategy, 49 percent said they were working toward one.

    In 2021, attendees likely will see more sustainable swag, including face masks made from recycled materials and eco-friendly pencils, which can be planted after use, growing into herbs, vegetables or flowers. Planners will also look to book destinations and venues with strong track records in sustainability, and they will collaborate with suppliers and sponsors on new ways to go green. 

    "We must use the pandemic as a 'great reset' to rethink, reimagine and redesign a new restorative, resilient, inclusive and zero-carbon growth model," says Bigwood.

    Student Sustainability Super Heroes

    SENFC was happy to partner with the Rosen College of Hospitality Management at UCF in a simple yet excellent opportunity to contribute to the world. Students created videos to encourage online audiences, not limited to students, to become engaged in sustainability actions in their everyday behaviors. Social media reach was a judging criteria. Watch their short videos and share among your communities.

    And the winner is…

    Anthony Iuzzini - a senior at UCF and a hospitality management major at the Rosen college, currently on the theme park and attractions management track. "I always find myself observing energy and environmental conservation practices such as turning off and unplugging electronics when not in use, recycling as much plastic and cardboard as I possibly can, as well as using reusable bags when grocery shopping. When shopping, I try to find and use a variety of sustainable products that are energy efficient and that have been created using recycled materials".

    Honorable Mentions...

    Rachel Estey - a junior studying Event Management. "My vegan lifestyle is a huge part of my life and the fact that it helps the planet makes it that much better for me." 

    Amy Lynch – a junior majoring in Hospitality Management, practicing sustainability in her daily life by ensuring her personal care products are earth-friendly and packaged for recycling.  

    Tak Lin: student at UCF

    Anthony Iuzzini

    Rosen College of Hospitality Management

    Orlando, Florida

    Preferred Hotel Group creates portfolio that goes Beyond Green

    In addition to Beyond Green's brand pillars, member properties are required to fulfill a checklist of more than 50 sustainability indicators, many of which closely align with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Along with environmental sustainability measures like the reduction of single-use plastics, the criteria also include, for example, a commitment to equality in hiring and career advancement. More...

    Sustainable Solutions

    As seen in Hotels magazine November/December 2020 issue

    Hotels already engaged in sustainability practices find new ways to stay the course in spite of Covid protocols. There's no going back, even during a pandemic. more...

    Did you know the US uses more plastic per person and generates more plastic waste than any other country in

    the world – approximately 286 pounds per person annually?

    Crippled Apalachicola River leaves wetland forests in peril, famous oysters extinct

    This year, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission closed Apalachicola Bay for oyster harvesting and approved locking down the closure for five years, meant to give the shellfish a chance at a comeback – even though no one can say for sure why they’re gone. The move might have been treasonous by North Florida norms and economic hardships. But the “oyster capital of the world” was dead already and not resuscitating for reasons yet to be confirmed. 

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