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At $22 per year you can help promote sustainability in meetings and events, plus display your commitment on websites and auto-signatures.

Also please share ideas and best practices through our social media presence.

Meet Kathy Sue McGuire

Chief Education Enthusiast for SENFC

Kathy Sue is an award-winning Sustainable Development Professional (ISSP-SA), LEED Green Associate, and trained Climate Reality Leader with 15 years of progressive experience and a proven track record of implementing sustainability projects. Recognized as an industry leader in meeting the highest standards and being among the first in the nation to achieve sustainable hospitality and events certifications for her clients, she is a trusted source of knowledge on established practices and cutting-edge trends that benefit organizations, the community and the planet.  She is also V.P. of Education and Programs for the Executive Women of the Palm Beaches Foundation, helping women lead and succeed.

Kathy brings years of Sustainability & Certification experience for the benefit of our membership.

You Can Help With Food Insecurity Today: REUSABLE BAG DRIVE

Joanna Berens, SENFC’s Chief Food Rescue Enthusiast, has uncovered an immediate need and we’re confident you can help.  If you have a supply of unused reusable bags or similarly sized tote bags (logos are OK), originally planned for promotions, incentives, meetings, events or trade shows, today is that day to make them useful.  SENFC has partnered with the South Florida Hunger Coalition on a re-usable bag drive to assist the Mobile School Pantry with their anticipated need of 10,000 re-usable bags for food distribution in the coming months.

For more information on the Mobile School Pantry, go to mobileschoolpantry.orgHave a question, call 954-297-4929 or e-mail zeina@mobileschoolpantry.orgBags should be the same size you find at Publix, Walmart and most grocery stores etc.  Various colors and logos are fine.

If you live in or near Pompano Beach you may drop them off on Thursdays between 9am-11am at the Edward Myrick State Farmers Market (1255 W Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach, Florida 33069. Dock #24 by Farm Share).  Advance notice of drop offs appreciated and pickups can be arranged if needed. Or, bags can be shipped to 2119 N 15th Ave Hollywood, FL 33020.  Be sure to identify them as a SENFC donation.

Alternately, contact a local pantry and see if it has a similar need.

 Mrs. & Mr. Sustainable 

Wedding ideas from Anna Hess, sustainable enthusiast, member of SENFC and principal of Anna Hess Events 

Environmentally friendly events have a curious reputation for being too “homey” or DIY. In fact, many of my favorite sustainable event tips are both elegant and eco-friendly. One of my favorite wedding and event planning projects is helping my clients design sustainable yet elegant and creative events.

Here are details and resources for planning a wedding or special event that is not only visually stunning, it’s stunningly sustainable! You likely won’t be able to incorporate every one of these ideas so choose the ones that will create an amazing experience for you and your guests. 

35 Tips and Resources to Make your Event Stunningly Sustainable 

"Upcycled foods use ingredients that otherwise would not have gone to human consumption, are procured and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment."

What is Upcycling Food?

Upcycling food is an ancient tradition based on the philosophy of using all of what you have. It's about doing less with more, and elevating all food to its highest and best use. Most of all, upcycled food is about reducing food waste, by creating high quality, nutritious food products out of the nutrients that slip through the cracks of our food system. 

For the first time, “upcycled food” has been officially defined. Led by the Upcycled Food Association, a team of academic, industry, and nonprofit stakeholders developed the definition as a way to clarify what exactly counts as upcycled, setting the stage for food businesses to start identifying their ingredients as helping to reduce food waste. It will also make it easier to track data and insights around upcycled food and ultimately highlight the vast opportunities it offers.

We want to give people the ability to participate in the solution every time they visit a grocery store,” said Ben Gray, Chief Operating Officer of the Upcycled Food Association. “We envision a future in which many products in every aisle and around the perimeter proudly display the upcycled certification, giving consumers the opportunity to vote to reduce food waste with their dollars.”

‘A Drop in the Bucket’ 

For more than 40 years, Bill Hansen has run one of South Florida’s most prominent catering and event production companies. His team has served meals to four U.S. Presidents and created events for hundreds of companies, from Microsoft to Morgan Stanley. “I am, like everyone else, worried about the future,” said Hansen, who had to lay off nearly 200 hourly workers. 

In early March, Hansen reached out to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office to offer meals at- cost. “It fulfills a two-fold purpose,” he said. “They’re getting gourmet meals for $5 to $6 a person, and it’s creating work for my hourly employees.” In April he switched to providing meals to first responders in the town where his company is located, Opa Locka. 

Hansen also started a local meal delivery service, something new for the company, as a way to bring in some money. What’s coming in, he said in April, was “a drop in the bucket” — but was helping to pay a remaining team of 20 who have stayed on. 

“Things are going to be different” in the future, Hansen said, adding that a few couples have booked weddings for later this year, and he’s averaging three or four bookings a week for 2021. 

“Those of us who are smart enough to figure how they’re going to be different, and poised to take advantage of that,” he said, “will be in great shape.” 

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