May 2021                                                                           

SENFC is committed to educate, support and lead by example.  We thank all of our members and partners in this quest and encourage others to join us to “Save The Planet”.

A Thought On Progress:

Hope and optimism prevail in the meetings and events industry but not without caution.  Planners are very busy and welcome the change even as they seem overwhelmed.  We all welcome the disappearance of masks and social distancing, yet it is subconsciously evident that the pandemic has not been eradicated globally, or even locally.  Fifty years ago Marvin Gaye released his hit song “What’s Going On”, which seems as relevant today as it was then.

Meanwhile, our mission to “Lead the meetings and events industry in the advancement of sustainable practices in Florida and the Caribbean” is as important as ever and we find satisfaction as our membership and partnerships grow and more planners and venue management recognize that the old normal cannot be the new normal.  Climate change, plastic pollution and food insecurity are real but we feel that each of us can make a difference with some simple personal behavior changes and following sustainable practices in our professional lives. 

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    Dahlton Bennington, PROfound Planning

    Kendra Cope, Coastal Connections 

    Kaliente’ Dixson, Florida Sheriffs Association

    Barbara Schlitt Ford, Environmental Learning Center

    Lauren Halpern, Make A Statement Events

    Glenn Hasek, GreenLodgingNews

    Simone Jones, CSR Consultant

    Jackie Kazimer, United Against Poverty

    Christina Kelcourse, North Florida Green Chamber of Commerce

    Kirk Linaje, MORAES

    Suzanne Morrell, Creating Environments

    Kristin Mirabal, WorkForce Software

    Cassia Patel, Oceanic Global


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    Producing Sustainable Events

    Two Virtual Workshops Presented in cooperation with the

    FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Site Selection:

    Beyond the Checklists

    May 27th, 2021 - 4pm

    Staying Safe and Sustainable: Behind the Scenes look at SOBE  Wine & Food Festival 

    June 24th, 2021 - 4pm

    Presented By: 

    Marianne Schmidhofer, CMM

    Whats Your Purpose

    Sustainability Managing Director
    Chief Enthusiast, Education, SENFC


    Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton

    Founder and Chief Change Agent at Astrapto LLC, Aurora has a doctorate degree in Social Impact Management and has a Sustainable Event Professional Certificate.  Astrapto LLC, offers courses, coaching, and consulting to advance sustainability in hospitality, events, travel, and other services industries.

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    Marianne Schmidhofer, CMM

    Whats Your Purpose

    Sustainability Managing Director
    Chief Enthusiast, Education, SENFC


    John Buschman, M.S, PH.D, Gd.PA, 
    Lecturer, Director of Assessments & Accreditation and Co –Director, Global Sustainable Tourism Program
    FIU, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

    Dan Cormany, PhD

    Lead, Events and Entertainment Management Program

    FIU, Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

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    Note that SENFC members pay the Skal member rate. One can attend either event or both.

    We hope to get as many members and friends out for these LIVE events! For more information and to RSVP go to

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    Workshop Date and Time: 

    Wednesday, May 26, 2021
    11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 

    Orlando's Green Events

    The City of Orlando has recently published a Green Works Guide to Events. This guide aims to help event planners and vendors reduce negative environmental impacts at meetings and events in Orlando.

    In addition, they are hosting a virtual workshop that will walk you through the guide and help green your event so we can all do our part in sustainable meetings and events.

    A "Reusing" Message

    Upstream's “Reuse To-Go: Innovations in Takeout & Delivery” livestream was an inspirational and energy-filled event, and we look forward to continuing the conversation about the reuse solutions presented. Check out the recording here,

    SENFC President, Francis Purvey introduced an overview video by the Board of SENFC’s mission and initiatives at Ole Red in Orlando for GMID

    An April Review

    SENFC was pleased to participate in a number of live and virtual events in April. 

    The hugely successful and encouraging Florida Food Waste Prevention Week ( included a day dedicated to the hospitality industry.   Led by our SENFC President-Elect and Chief Zero Food Waste Enthusiast, Joanna Berens, Hospitality Day featured food demonstrations and an array of panels dedicated to sustainable practices.  Look for the Second Annual FFWPW in April 2022.

    SENFC partnered with MPI Orlando and MPI North Florida for Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID-April 8) LIVE events at Ole Red in Orlando and the Daytona International Speedway respectively.  Both were the first live events for many and well attended educational and networking events.

    On Earth Day (April 22) SENFC partnered with SITE Florida & Caribbean on beach clean-ups and turtle rescue education in Miami, St Pete, Vero Beach and Grand Cayman.  Hundreds of pounds of debris including micro-plastics, cigarette butts, plastic bottles and discarded materials were collected.

    Florida International University Launches New Global Sustainable Tourism Program

    FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management and the College of Arts, Sciences & Education have created an online bachelor’s degree focused on the global tourism industry and its relationship to the environment.  The program will be launched in January 2022.  SENFC member Dr. John Buschman will be on the faculty.  Click Here for more information