Our mission: “To lead the meetings and events industry in the advancement of sustainable practices in Florida and the Caribbean.”

The Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean (SENFC) is the sustainability resource for individuals, associations, corporations, event planners and event venues in Florida and the Caribbean.  SENFC initiatives include food rescue, materials re-purposing, energy and water conservation, education, CSR and sustainability best practices. The SENFC team actively engages with all entities in our region to promote sustainability and provide education to stakeholders - in essence, everyone.



Calendar of Events

February 3, 2022 (4pm) - Virtual Networking: "Sips & Tips"- Bring your Sustainable     Exhibit or Decor Ideas   Register

March 3, 2022 (4pm) - Virtual Networking: "Sips & Tips"- Bring Your Favorite Sustainable Recipe Tip: Whether Cooking for One or One Thousand!

March 26, 2022 - Earth Hour 8:30pm  Learn More

April 4-8, 2022 - Florida Food Waste Prevention Week   Learn More

April 6, 2022 (11a-2p) - Hospitality Presentations, Florida Food Waste Prevention Week

April 6, 2022 (4pm) - Virtual Networking: "Sips & Tips"- Hospitality Day Sips n Tip - Bring Your Favorite Sustainable Event Food & Beverage Tip

April 7, 2022 - Global Meetings Industry Day 


April 22, 2022 - Earth Day  Learn More

May 5, 2022 (4pm) - Virtual Networking: "Sips & Tips"- Bring Your Favorite Wedding Planning Sustainability Tip

June 2, 2022 (4pm) - Virtual Networking: "Sips & Tips"- Bring Your Favorite Single Use Dishware/Serviceware Sustainability Tip

Food Rescue Does Not Create Liability for Donors 

Learn more about the US Good Samaritan Laws


Learn about the United Nations

17 Sustainable

Development Goals


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