President’s Message

Thinking back to early 2020 and our total obliviousness, it would be near impossible to consider changes in our lifestyles in the last 12 months.  Though COVID-19 remains a formidable threat to our livelihoods and well being, we're hopeful that vaccination efforts will increase in the U.S. and globally to help upend this modern-day plague and prevent more deaths. Until then, let's not give up the fight but draw strength and encouragement from the everyday heroes working among us to care for and comfort those impacted by this deadly virus.

Sustainability must return to our daily personal behaviors and be prominent on our radar for meetings and events as they become live again. Whether it is zero food waste, reusing, recycling, elimination of plastics, composting, energy savings, zero carbon footprints or any green initiative, it begins with a commitment from C-Level executives as well as planners, providers and participants. 

The Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean is here to help our members gain expertise to create, execute and quantify sustainable events.  Join today and let’s all work together to “Save the Planet”.

Francis W. Purvey

President 2020/21

February 2021

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