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Everyday Sustainable Ideas for the Home

30 Jul 2020 1:43 PM | Anonymous

Saving The Planet seems very daunting as a personal goal, perhaps left better to governments and major socially responsible entities.  But each of us can participate in our everyday life to impact the earth’s survival.  While the Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean encourages meeting and event planners to become professionally engaged in food recovery, recycling and repurposing, utilizing biodegradable products and other corporately responsible protocols, we are here today to say that each person can play a part in the overall sustainability goals.  

Knowing the staggering food waste statistics and looking beyond the obvious – buying only the fresh produce you will use in short periods and serving only the amount that will be consumed at each meal – think of ways you can create a zero waste home.  Some thoughts:  print documents two-sided, use rechargeable batteries, fix leaky faucets, buy recycled paper products, install energy saving lighting, and there’s many more.  When you break it down into small steps, you realize you have more power than you thought.

After experiencing a global pandemic, most people are apt to ditch their planet friendly habits and start using disposable products more routinely.  Don’t believe the hype. Reusable products are just as sanitary when cleaned regularly and stored properly, they actually save families significant amounts of money too.  Single use plastic water bottles are still serious sustainability offenders.   

Have you thought of a small vegetable garden?  Growing your own vegetables is a fun family project and then you can use discarded vegetable stems and leaves to fertilize your garden. If not a vegetable garden, then fresh herbs require a small space and are easy to maintain.

a backyard garden is a fun & sustainable family project!

A backyard garden is a fun & sustainable family project

Palm Beach County utilizes a twin-stream recycling program – the yellow bin is for paper products and the blue bin is to co-mingle containers (aluminum, steel cans, plastic containers and glass and jars).  No plastic bags or Styrofoam go in anything other than regular garbage.  Better yet, don’t use them.  More information is at

Considering we have all been quarantined for the last few months, you are ready to start planning in-person social events - birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and reunions. If your family is planning one of these celebrations, consider sprinkling in a few sustainable ideas and using the process to teach your family, friends and neighbors about the environmental effects your choices will generate for the future of our planet.  

utilize biodegradable balloons to liven up events

Utilize 100% biodegradable latex balloons to liven up events

“I personally believe that guests will remember a sustainable event more than an event that does not demonstrate a concern for our community and environment.  Let guests know about your choices and educate them on why you made the choices you did on decor, recycling, centerpieces, gifts, or utensils. Once they understand, they will feel like they are a part of the process and will get inspired to incorporate a few green ideas into their next party”, said Candace Maser, President of the National Association of Wedding Professionals in Palm Beach County and SENFC enthusiast.

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